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JBHensleySWJ Shop Updates

Subscribe to this part of the blog for updates about the sketchwriterpress shop of JBHensleySWJ. Only from the blog sketchwriterjess. Update: February 2019

I am now selling on Etsy. And I am selling on my google sites shop The Sketchwriterjess Press shop. If you are a mental health professional, please buy direct from my google sites shop for your records. If you are a person who is just into self-help, Etsy is fine.

Updates for November 2018
I've made my shop easy to use and easy to buy from. No Clutter, just calm. 😎

My ebook How to Like Yourself Now to Survive, Now has more pictures to look at on my Catalog Post and it looks sweet in the shop too.

Recent posts

Journal Now To Solve Problems

I was having a conversation with family last night about common sense verses intelligence.
I found myself saying I'm jealous of people who had common sense since they graduated high school, which would be funny except I got my Common sense through Uncommon means.
To gain common sense after being diagnosed with a mental illness is rare. It shouldn't be rare, it should be normal for a person to be able to go through a mental illness and become someone who can do more then survive.
A person who can cope with life with common sense skills and be aware and accountable for their actions is one who is ready to start living to make a life of quality and satisfaction.
I spent a year writing my book. Its a journaling process that is simple to use and can be used as many times as needed to gain a sense of direction in your life. If you have a mental illness this book works because it has a sleep and mood tracker layout too. I used it to show the doctor what I was going through with my sleep…

How To Journal Now (To Solve Life Problems) is posted in the shop!

How to Journal Now (To Solve Life Problems): A Guided Journal Workshop is here.

Here it is, my years work of visual journaling, also known as bullet journaling is up in the Sketchwriterjess Press Shop.


Visual journaling can help people with Mental Illnesses be accountable to themselves and others.

Go to the shop and Buy now if this sounds like just the thing you need.

Though Life Isn't Fair It Can Be Kind, Abstract Art Print by Sketchwriterjess

This art is inspired by work in my bullet journal. This is an artistic abstract expression of how I feel many women understand this opinion.

Bold Abstract Art 5 x 7 Print, Though Life Isn't Fair It Can Be Kind - printed by the artist

Send a message to me if you'd like to buy one of these prints. Digital Cards coming soon.

Don't Lose Hope, Abstract Art Print by Sketchwriterjess

This drawing is inspired by a trip around Old Town Alexandria in Northern Virginia in the early 2000s. She saw weeds growing up through the bricks.

Bold Abstract Art Print 5 x 7 , Don't Lose Hope - printed by the artist

Send a message to me if you'd like to buy a print. Digital Cards with this print coming soon.

Love Honor Respect Everyday, Abstract Artwork by Sketchwriterjess

Based on words in her bullet journal, her own self talk rings through her day and lets her know she's on the right track. Here in this drawing, she has captured that sentiment.

Bold Abstract Artwork 5 x 7 Print, Love Honor Respect Everyday - printed by the artist

Send a message to ask to buy one of these prints. Digital Cards coming soon with this print.

Inspirational Boot Strap Art Prints here in my JBHensleySWJ Shop...

I am no longer selling on Etsy, though my shop name is still up as a place marker.

If you would like one of these prints please send me a message and I will come up with a listing.
I am going to be making digital cards with these images.
Hi everyone,

I've got something here that is special.
These are prints, not printables.

Here are some pictures of what they look like in their archival bags:

These are part of a series I'm making called "Connections". On my blog I've got an article about the beginning of when I was just coming up with the idea. You can go to my blog through my google profile.

Love Honor Respect Everyday

Don't Lose Hope

Though Life Isn't Fair It Can Be Kind