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Journal Now To Solve Problems

I was having a conversation with family last night about common sense verses intelligence.

I found myself saying I'm jealous of people who had common sense since they graduated high school, which would be funny except I got my Common sense through Uncommon means.

To gain common sense after being diagnosed with a mental illness is rare. It shouldn't be rare, it should be normal for a person to be able to go through a mental illness and become someone who can do more then survive.

A person who can cope with life with common sense skills and be aware and accountable for their actions is one who is ready to start living to make a life of quality and satisfaction.

I spent a year writing my book. Its a journaling process that is simple to use and can be used as many times as needed to gain a sense of direction in your life. If you have a mental illness this book works because it has a sleep and mood tracker layout too. I used it to show the doctor what I was going through with my sleep cycle and how my moods were swinging and the doctor adjusted my meds.

Its been 6 months of medication adjustments and I'm happy to say I think my meds are working good now. I'm still going to track my mood and sleep as I'm adjusting to these too.

That being said, what I have come up with can be used by anyone with mental illness or without. A sleep and mood chart can be good if you've got physical health problems too. Thats what people I know who are not dealing with mental illness, but with chronic illness are using so they can tell their doctor whats going on.

So, if you've been following along on here and on Instagram my visual journaling and it looks like something you'd like to learn more about, you can buy my book for $6.00 no tax at:

It takes you to my google sites page.

How to Journal Now (To solve life problems)

By Jessica B. Hensley writing as Sketchwriterjess

Happy New Years Eve, I don't think you could even get a glass of Champagne for $6.00 anymore and this book outlasts any buzz a drink will give you.